市场 / Junior Marketing(上海)

- 协助市场部策划和参与行业会议、展会等活动,收集相关信息并进行CRM系统的汇总和分析。
Assist the marketing team in planning and participating in industry conferences, trade shows, and other events, collecting relevant information and analysis in CRM system.
- 协助市场部策划和组织线上活动的实施,确保活动目的的达成。
Assist in organizing and driving implementation of online marketing campaigns to achieve campaign objectives.
- 协助市场部完成媒体平台、公司网站和编写各类推广资料和宣传材料以及短视频制作,确保内容准确、并符合公司品牌形象和市场需求。
Assist the marketing team in creating written content for communications in social media platforms, company websites, various promotional materials, and short videos editing, ensuring accuracy and alignment with the company's brand image and market needs.
- 协助市场部礼品的制作和管理,市场物料仓库的整理。
Assist the purchasing and management of giveaways and the management of marketing materials stock.
- 和总部有效沟通,协助支持宣传页等市场物料的内容本地化和制作。
Communicate with HQ marketing team to localize the create the contents of brochures and other materials.
- 协助市场部进行媒体合作。
Assist the marketing team on the cooperation with media channels.
- 和销售团队沟通协作,协助支持销售和市场团队各类演讲演义的制作。
Communicate and cooperate with sales team, assist on generating the presentations needed.

- 本科以上学历,主修市场/商务或其他相关
Bachelor’s degree in marketing/business administration or related
- 2年以上市场或行政类相关工作经验,有在 4A广告公司经验优先
2 years of marketing or administration-related working experience, preferably with experience in 4A agency.
- 具备熟练的英文读写能力,能够胜任工作语言为英文
Written and Spoken English is expected as working language
- 熟练运用PPT, excel 等office 软件, 能使用PS等设计软件优先考虑, 有safesforce 使用经验的优先考虑
Proficient in PPT and Excel skills, ability in using PhotoShop and IIlustrator would be better, experience of using Salesforce is preferred
- 具备良好的沟通协调以及解决负责问题的能力,执行能力强,具备团队合作精神。
A good team player with interpersonal and communication skills.
- 工作积极主动,具备独立工作和应对多任务工作的能力,有一定的抗压能力;
Self-motivated, able to work independently, multi-task, and perform under pressure.

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