高级销售工程师 Senior Sales Engineer(上海)

- 主动搜集市场和行业信息,发掘销售线索和商机
Actively collect market and industry information, explore sales leads and business opportunities
- 宣传和推广德国ViscoTec 维世科品牌,开发新客户
Promote the brand ViscoTec, develop new customers
- 主动联系客户,进行产品推介演示,辅助客户进行非标产品选型和配置,安排技术验证和试验,跟进测试结果
Proactively contact customers, conduct product promotion demonstrations, assist customers in selecting and configuring non-standard products, arrange technical validation and testing, and follow up on test results
- 安排报价,跟进客户订单,跟踪订单执行、出货和收款
Arrange quotations, follow up on customer orders, track order implementation, shipment, and account receivables
- 保持与客户的联系,维护最终客户关系、维护设备集成商关系,促成后续订单
Maintain contact with customers, maintain relationships with end customers and equipment integrators, and facilitate subsequent orders
- 与技术服务工程师一起进行后期的跟进
Follow up with technical service engineers in the later stage
- 将销售过程录入CRM系统,通过拜访报告、周会等形式汇报工作
Input the sales process into the CRM system, and report work through visit reports, weekly meetings, and other forms
- 上级交与的其他工作
Other tasks assigned by superiors.

- 机械工程、电气工程或其他工业自动化相关学科毕业
Graduated from mechanical, electrical engineering, or other automation-related disciplines
- 出色的沟通、产品演示和谈判能力,优秀的销售能力和业绩,自我驱动型性格
Excellent communication, product presentation, and negotiation skills, excellent sales skills and performance, self-driven personality
- KPI结果和目标导向,勇于挑战,承压能力强
KPI results and goal orientation, like to take over challenges, able to work under strong pressure
- 能使用英语与国外同事交流项目信息、阅读产品资料,额外掌握德语是加分项
Ability to communicate project information and read product materials with foreign colleagues in English, with an additional mastery of German language skills (Deutsch) would be a plus
- 熟练使用微软Office办公软件,尤其是微软PowerPoint
Proficient in using Microsoft Office software, especially Microsoft PowerPoint

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- 自我推荐信
- 详细简历,内含销售项目、业绩以及期望薪资的说明