Filling and dosing in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries
Does your dosing application require the hygienic, reliable dosing or conveying of high-viscosity fluids and pastes?
The technology used in the processing of viscous products has to meet the most exacting standards. Many factors such as viscosity, dripping and tendency to thread formation have to be considered. Especially when the media to be filled are pasty, with solid content, chunky, shear-sensitive, temperature-sensitive or sticky, conventional dosing systems quickly reach their performance limits. In the market place our dosing pumps are very often known as food pumps, FDA pumps or 3A pumps.
Advantages at a glance:
•Gentle on product
•CIP cleaning / SIP possible
•Quick and easy dismantling of dosing pump
•All wetted materials are FDA* compliant
•Suitable for filling hot and cold products
•Pulsation free
•Quantity is variably adjustable
•No energy input on product

  • Dosing Pumps RD / VFL>

    Dosing Pumps RD / VFL

    ViscoTec dosing pumps meet all the process requirements for the dosing of viscous foods, cosmetics or pharmaceutical products. Dosing is pulsation-free, extremely gentle on the product and the quantity can be variably adjusted. The dosing pumps can be used for pressures up to 24 bar and dosing quantities from 1.5 ml upwards. The special developed joint-less, flexible shaft allows a better dosing performance than with the conventional designs using joints and coupling rod. This new development not only eliminates the cleaning problem, but also that of joint wear and tear. Our dosing pumps are CIP and SIP capable. Careful elastomer selection guarantees the reliability of the dosing pump, even when exposed to aggressive cleaning agents or high temperatures.


    Dosing and Filling Pump RD-hygienic
    The RD series has been designed to perfection as far as its cleaning capabilities are concerned. It is no wonder that it passed the EHEDG*-Test with flying colors. Its hygienically enclosed mechanical seal (with buffer chamber arranged behind), positioned ideally in the flushing area, enables first-rate cleaning results. The RD also has an excellent streamlined interior design. It has no dead spaces and all internal and external surfaces are electro polished. * European Hygienic Equipment Design Group

    Main Features of the Hygienic Dosing Pump RD:
    Dosing unit for filling machines
    Feeding pump for subsequent processes
    Conveying pump from A to B
    Use in barrel emptying systems
    Suited for food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
    For low to high viscosity media
    Also suited for abrasive, shear sensitive and lumpy media
    For hot and cold filling
    Designed for optimal results at a CIP / SIP


    Dosing and Filling Pump VFL
    Here, as with the RD series, the emphasis is on good clean-ability and long service life. One of its main strong points is its extremely quick and easy disassembly. All medium-contacting parts can be simply dismantled and cleaned in a cleaning bath, sink or in a dishwasher.

    Main Features of the Quick-Clean Dosing Pump VFL:
    Dosing unit for filling machines
    Feeding pump for subsequent processes
    Conveying pump from A to B
    Suited for food and cosmetics
    For low to high viscosity media
    Also suited for abrasive, shear sensitive and lumpy media
    For hot and cold filling
  • Container and Barrel Emptying Systems ViscoMT>

    Container and Barrel Emptying Systems ViscoMT (For Food & Pharma)

    The ViscoTec barrel emptying system for the reliable conveying and dosing of high-viscosity media out of barrels and containers consists of the components: Pneumatic lifting device, electrically driven dosing/conveying pump and follower plate. ViscoMT-XS, ViscoMT-XM and ViscoMT-XL are barrel emptying systems with a volumetric conveying pump, specially designed for Food, Pharma and Cosmetics.
    Since these can be combined in various ways, we are able to offer a customized solution for each application. This could be the dosing of tomato paste out of a ribbed 200 l barrel or the feed of mascara from a 20 l bucket.

    Main Features of ViscoMT-XS, ViscoMT-XM and ViscoMT-XL:
    For medium to high-viscosity products (up to 7.000.000 mPas!)
    Barrel sizes from 10 liter to 1.500 liters
    Suited for abrasive, shear sensitive, solid loaded and lumpy media
    Neatly wiping of the inner barrel wall by the special lip seal of the follower plate
    Applicable at cylindrical, ribbed or slightly conical barrels, plastic drums or bins with inliner
    No pressing of the product at the sides due to a nearly pressure-less guiding of the follower plate
    Emptying speed electronically adjustable
    Simple handling
    Pulsation free conveying / emptying


    Container and Barrel Emptying Systems ViscoMT-XS (For Food & Pharma)
    Main Features of ViscoMT-XS:
    Container sizes from 10 to 50 l
    Maximum emptying capacity: up to 2.5 l/min
    Residue in the barrel: < 1%


    Container and Barrel Emptying Systems ViscoMT-XM (For Food & Pharma)
    Main Features of ViscoMT-XM:
    Container sizes from 50 to 200 l
    Maximum emptying capacity: up to 90 l/min
    Residue in the barrel: < 1%


    Container and Barrel Emptying Systems ViscoMT-XL (For Food & Pharma)
    Main Features of ViscoMT-XL:
    Container sizes from 200 to 1,500 l
    Maximum emptying capacity: up to 150 l/min
  • Dosing Control Systems>

    Dosing Control Systems

    Pharma Dosing Control
    Pharma Dosing Control for controlling volumetric dosing pumps.

    Main Features of Pharma Dosing Control: 
    Simple integration in existing systems
    Volumetric dosing
    Adjustable flow rate
    Automatic suck back
    Control via BUS systems
    Digital surveillance inputs
    Menu guided diagnosis, parameterization and calibration function
    Predefined status and fault indications
    Language switching German/English (more language on request)
    Backlit graphic display
    Stainless steel cabinet
  • Pharma Dispenser>

    Pharma Dispenser 3VPHD8 / 3VPHD12

    This compact Pharma Dispenser achieves a precise and reliable dosing of a wide variety of materials. Due to the special rotor-stator geometry a valve to prevent material from automatically flowing out is not required.
    Alternately opening chambers allow the gentle transfer and pulsation-free dispensing of product. The VPHD was designed especially for applications in the areas pharmaceutics, biotechnology, medical industry and food industry.
    Main Features of Pharma Dispenser 3VPHD8 / 3VPHD12:
    Dosing volume: 0.35 or 1.7 ml / rev
    Interior dead space optimized
    Design executed due to EHEDG guide lines
    FDA compliant construction/development
    Hygienically and pharmaceutically compliant construction
    3.1 test report (DIN EN 10204)
    All surfaces for pharmaceutical applications Ra ≤ 0.8 μm
    Reverse-flow possible (no dripping or stringing of product)
    Linear relation between drive speed and dosing volume
    High life time due to media specific choice of components
    Quick and easy disassembling / assembling without tools
    Rotor assembly easy removable without gaskets
    Elastomers: VisPharm-H FDA, VisPharm-V FDA
    All product touching parts able to autoclave
    Hermetically sealed process area to protect the product and the environment (flushing chamber / barrier chamber)
    Process reliable and high-precision filling
    Variable quantities infinitely adjustable
    Suited for all pharmaceutical and cosmetical products and food
    Especially suited for abrasive, high-filled or shear sensitive material
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