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We are your professional partner for constructing systems for generating renewable energies. With our dosing systems you will have a perfect component in your production process. We have put together a summary of some industry-specific examples to show you our areas of application.

  • Battery production>

    Battery production

    The dosing pumps and drive systems developed by ViscoTec provide solutions for applying 2D and 3D sealant beads of a wide range of media for fully automated assembly processes in the field of battery production. Both 1-component and 2-component sealing materials with a large spectrum of material properties can be processed. In particular, ViscoTec solutions give the user the opportunity to dynamically control the delivery quantity in order to precisely synchronize the dosing quantities with the axis system’s speed with the aim of achieving consistent bead cross-sections. Having comprehensive experience with a wide range of sealing materials and media properties in the field of sealant bead application, ViscoTec is able to not only supply components, but also to work together with users to develop an overall process for their applications.

  • PV module production>

    PV module production

    A high degree of process quality is required in the field of module production in particular. This is because module processing quality has a significant impact on the long-term rating of a photovoltaic system and module production ties in with a high level of completion of upstream processes. Incorrect assembly will lead to considerable material losses. ViscoTec offers solutions both for frame bonding in module production and for potting junction boxes. For frame bonding using 2-component technology, ViscoTec products ensure that the requisite high delivery quantities are achieved for bonding long edge lengths at fast axis speeds and with a high degree of accuracy. The dispensers – which are also available in a special 2-component version with a mixing head – are designed to be extremely compact and weight-optimised, so that axis systems can be dimensioned for these lower weights.

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