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When dosing, conveying or emptying viscous raw materials or finished pharmaceuticals from barrels, put your faith in ViscoTec solutions! We will manufacture the system that suits you, whether for micro doses of under one millilitre or for several hundreds of litres. Standard pharmaceutical industry guidelines are adhered to in developing these dosing systems (QHD, 3A SSI, GMP, DIN 11864). Inspection certificate 3.1 in accordance with EN 10204:2004 for components which come into contact with the product is the standard for pharmaceutical systems

  • Dosing blood gel into separation test tubes>

    Dosing blood gel into separation test tubes

    A maker of process machinery doses blood gel into a fully automatic filling machine.
    The blood gel is extracted from stainless steel buckets by means of a ViscoTec barrel emptying system. The material is then supplied to the dosing pump via a hose. The dosing pump is mounted on the filling machine and doses the gel into the serum separation test tubes via specially manufactured open fill nozzles.

  • Dosing cream for treating skin cancer into stick packs>

    Dosing cream for treating skin cancer into stick packs

    A contract packaging company is to dose cream for treating skin cancer into stick packs. The dosing quantity is 0.25 ml. Dosing is carried out with ViscoTec pharmaceutical dispensers, which dose the cream into the stick packs with a dosing precision of > 99% of the filling quantity. The packaging machine starts the dosing procedure via a simple digital signal. The dispensers can be dismantled, cleaned and, if necessary, autoclaved without the need for any tools whatsoever.

  • Dosing bone substitute mass into small cartridges>

    Dosing bone substitute mass into small cartridges

    Small cartridges with extremely high-viscosity bone substitute mass are needed for maxillary surgery applications. ViscoTec works together with a builder of packaging machines to take over all product handling tasks.
    The mass is extracted from hobbocks via an emptying system. Since the entire process is carried out in a clean room, the system is suitable for clean room class A. The material is then supplied to the dosing pump via a pharmaceutical hose. The dosing pump fills the cartridges through special filling devices.

  • Dosing zinc paste into a mixer>

    Dosing zinc paste into a mixer

    Zinc paste is to be dosed from stainless steel barrels into a mixing tank in a cold state as an ingredient in a wound healing balm. Up to now, an employee had removed the zinc paste, weighed it and supplied it to the tank by hand.
    The ViscoTec barrel emptying station is erected at a distance from the mixer in accordance with the customer’s request. The barrel emptying dosing pump conveys the zinc paste through a 15-metre pipeline. Final dosing of the product is performed by a dosing pump mounted directly on the mixer. Dosing is carried out fully automatically by a higher-level controller. Not only are personnel requirements reduced, but the security and reproducibility of the process are improved too.

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